bike fit 0      BIKE FIT: it’s not ALL about  the bike.

Juniors:    $65.00   per bike

Adults:     $85.00   per bike

Why a bike fit? Are you feeling uncomfortable on your bike or are you experiencing back, neck, knee, or saddle pain? Have you had injuries that prohibit your reach, posture, or strength? Are you a junior who just grew, again?  Rage has the capabilities to preform a basic bike fit. Working off of your input and measurement we will give you a custom, individual bike fit.  We assess your saddle/fore and height. We evaluate your bars, your health, and your goals. Recommendations and adjustments will be made accordingly. So if it is NOT about the bike, then perhaps it is about comfort, efficiency, strength, and health.

If you have numbers from a medical bike fit, we can match those numbers to a new or different bike if needed.

Be prepared to give your own input. A bike fit is a very personal thing and we need your input to give you the best fit.

Juniors are welcome back as many times as necessary in one year free after initial charge as they are growing quick and will need another adjustment soon. Adults are welcome back as well.

You will need to bring:

  • Bike
  • Helmet
  • Pedals you ride with or pedals and cleats you want installed
  • Shoes you ride in
  • Bike shorts you typically wear
  • Snack

Plan on spending an hour. We have bike trainers toput your bike on.

Call to schedule your bike fit.         720-375-3176