Q & A

Q: Why is joining a team beneficial?
A: Professional instruction, and team support offers things that a junior cannot gain on their own. Kids learn from other kids. Knowledge is shared, experience is had, training becomes competitive and enjoyable, and expertise is gained.

Q: Where did the name and logo originate?
A: The logo of the Chupacabra is on loan to us from an off-road race team in Baja of which some of us are associated. The word rage? No anger here! To us it just means to go out and have the most fun you possibly can with sports and share the experience with others

Q: What ages do we accept on the team?
A: We only accept proficient riders, so if your child is still learning to ride a bike, you may want to give your local rec center a call. We accept road and cyclocross riders as young as 8.

Q: Can I check out your program before I join?
A: Definitely! We prefer that your junior participate and rides at one of our practices before joining to get a feel for the team.

Q: Do you have “try-outs”?
A: Rage Cycling will accept most well-mannered juniors who demonstrate a willingness to learn and train. Rage cycling reserves the right to exclude any junior or adult that is unsafe, disrespectful, a jeopardy to the group, not mature enough to be in a group setting, or not displaying good sportsmanship. Safety is Rage Cycling’s first focuses. Safety includes on and off the bike, and respect for others physically, verbally, and mentally.

Q: My child wants to get prepared for the Colorado High School Cycling League do you provide training and teach skills for this?

A: Yes. We have many member who join Rage for just this reason. We are proud to say that our athletes have 4 State Championship titles and many podiums for the League.

Q: What size bike should my child ride?
A: Well, that depends on their body size and type.  Some kids have long legs with a short torso. Others have short legs, and a long torso. There is no magic number for height for a junior. One of our coaches can size your child depending upon the discipline they are interested in. Another option would to go to a bike shop or three and gather info.

Q: How much will a bike cost me?
A: As much or a little as you want. We always seem to have lines on juniors growing out of their bikes, so used is a great option while they are still growing. Yes, used bikes can be very nice in Boulder County.

Q: Do I need a bike for every discipline?
A: No, a cyclocross bike can double as a road bike by switching tires. A mountain bike can be raced in most cyclocross race, and certainly used to train for cyclocross.  Track bikes, shoes and pedals are included through junior membership at the Boulder Valley Velodrome.  Again, with a large team of growing kids, there are often outgrown bikes for sale across the disciplines.

Q: My child does not like to wear a helmet, is this mandatory?
A: Yes, wearing a helmet is never an option. Don’t be that person – always wear a helmet while cycling!

Q: Does my child need special pedals and shoes?
A: No, if your child wants to be competitive, a cycling specific shoe and cleats with appropriate pedal lends to speed and performance, but is not mandatory.

Q: Is racing mandatory?
A: Nope, but if you want to we will support your goals with training, strategies, skills, team tents, travel and training camps.

Q: Do you check into coaches backgrounds? 
A: Rage Cycling requires coaches and any adult over the age of 18 riding with the juniors or traveling on overnight trips to apply for a background check through NCIS. NCIS send the results directly to Rage.

Q: I already have a background check through work and school where I volunteer, can Rage Cycling accept this?
A: Nope!

Q: How much will the background check cost me?
A: About $23.00 and it is good for 2 years.

Q: What open road ride will my junior be going on?
A: A new junior will receive a road riding evaluation and be taught protocol and safety prior to being permitted to ride on open roads. The junior will be evaluated in a parking lot, a looped road office park and on bike trails before being approved to ride on the open road.

Q: Can I train with my junior?
A: We absolutely encourage parents to train, ride and mentor if they feel comfortable, however, we suggest that you do not ride with your own child during Rage Cycling practices as we have coaches and other mentors to support them. Our older juniors are certainly capable of giving most adults a great workout.

Q: Where and when do you practice?

A: Training is typically held on Tuesday and Thursday with racing on Saturday and Sunday in season. We do try not to deviate form this schedule as it allows for a rest day after the weekend and a recovery day before races.  We do encourage yoga, and strengthening on off days. Once you join the team you will be invited to Team Snap where you will have even more info.

Q: Is racing mandatory?
A: No. We would prefer that your child and family attend a race to cheer on their teammates, but racing is not mandatory.

Q: What if I join late in the season, my child quits after a month, or we are traveling during the season, or want a refund or prorated the fees, is this possible?
A: Nope. Our prices are the lowest around. Commitment is vital to your child’s focus, success in being active and sense of team.

Q: How do I know my junior is safe with your coach
A: Rage makes safety its priority. Our coaches and members over 18 must pass the USA Cycling background check.  The athlete and guardian must sign a Code of Conduct prior to participating.

Q: My child is interested in racing nationally, can your coaching accommodate this?
A: Yes. We have state and national champions that we have coached since a young age. As a team we travel to many elite races.

Q: Does Rage have an elite team?
A: No, we will help them develop to the best possible cyclist they are capable of becoming. We do not separate them to create elitists. We encourage mentoring and sportsmanship throughout. We have very fast juniors down to recreational riders. They are teammates and equals off the bike. We encourage all riders to set goals and attend state and national races.

Q: What happens if my kid can’t keep up with the ride group?
A: No one will be dropped from a ride. On a group training ride, that is not on a circuit course, we have a lead rider and a sweep. If a junior is fatigued or slower, an adult will always ride with that junior.

Q: Do the Coaches lend race support?
A: Yes, we have set races on the calendar in which coaches will attend. During cyclocross season a coach will usually ride the course with the juniors to prep them for the race and to provide critical course advice.

Q: Will my child train with kids of the same age or ability?
A: Yes. We offer kids instruction based on their ability, not their age.  They will have the chance to practice with those better than themselves.

Q: How will I recognize Rage families at events?
A: We gather as a team at events, often under a team tent, to lend support, prep bikes, share strategy, and support and educate both the the juniors and parents.

Q: Who mends a puncture or fixes a mechanical?
A: During a training ride, we encourage the rider will fix a flat or a mechanical with the supervision of a coach. We want your child to learn basic bike mechanics. During a race, their will be team support at all times in the pit.

Q: How will I know if I am ready to race?
A: Just ask your coach, they will guide you and prep you based on your ability.

Q: How old do I have to be to race?
A: Road – 8, Cyclocross – 9, Track – 11

Q: What is junior gearing?
A: Junior gearing is a restricted gear for all juniors through the age of 18 for only track and road, not cross or mountin bike. USA Cycling, a governing entity wants juniors leg and knees to develop safely and not become injured to to too heavy of a gear for road racing and track. Rage trains an races in junior gears. Please refer to our junior gearing guide for more detail.

Q: My goal is for my junior to get in shape and learn to ride better, is this okay?
A: Yes.  Rage strives to educate, focus on health, build friendships, an have a child take cycling into adult hood as a part of there life.

Q: As a parent, if I am going to be bringing my child to these events and practices, I would like to ride and train with the team. Is this possible.
A: Certainly! We encourage parents to do so. Our older juniors will challenge your skills. If you are just looking to get in shape, or become more proficient we welcome you! There is no cost other than passing a CBI background check (about $23.00 for two year approval). Other than that there is no cost, unless you find that you would like to purchase a Rage Cycling Team kit, helmet or other Rage apparel. You will find the perk of being on Rage are truly beneficial to your wallet in terms of gear discounts.

Q: Does Rage Cycling do training camps?
A: Yes, we typically do a team road and cyclocross camp. The fees are nominal, the instruction is exquisite, the team building is priceless. In the past we have held multi-day camps in Moab, Summit County, Bouler’s  front range, and Baja, Mexico! Non-team junior members are always welcome. Typically food, lodging, and certainly coaching is included. Check our calendar for future camps.

Q: Does the team travel to races?
A: If enough juniors want to travel to races, then we travel. Since 2013 Rage members attended races in Texas, Ohio, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Utah, North Carolina, New Jersey, Wisconsin, California Connecticut, Neveda and oh yeh…Colorado.

Q: What is the cost to join the team?
A: Check the cost page on our site.

Q: Who on the staff is paid?
A: We are all volunteers, that means no one is paid.

Q: Where do I start?
A: Read through our website thoroughly to gather more info, then contact us via:


phone: 720-375-3176


We look forward to hearing from you!