Professional Bike Tunes

Basic Tune: $45.00

  • Safety check and adjust headset, front/rear hubs, and bolts
  • Frame wipe-down and inspection
  • All bearings adjusted
  • Light true and tension wheels
  • Drive train inspected and lubed
  • Check shifting adjusted front/rear derailleur
  • Brakes aligned and adjusted
  • Inflate tires to recommended PSI
  • Recommendations noted and addressed if approved


Complete Tune: $75.00

  • Same as Basic Tune plus:
  • Detail clean of drive train.
  • Replace any worn brake/shift cables (Included in tune up. Designer cables will be more)
  • True wheels
  • Complete bike check for frame/fork damage, chain/cassette wear, derailleur pulley wear, and tire wear


Pro Tune/Rebuild: $105.00

  • Same as Complete Tune plus:
  • Install any purchased parts (included)
  • Bleeding hydraulic brakes extra


Fork Rebuild: $120.00 ish – 90 day warranty

We offer a 90 day warranty on your fork rebuild! Our fork mechanic is certified on ALL forks!
The typical cost is $120.00 unless you need a special order part. We try and get the fork back to you within 48 hours.

Basic Adjustments

Other various adjustments are needed from time to time, so swing by with your bike if you need something done.

  • Spoke replacement with basic true – From $17.00 upwards
  • Sticky shifters? If they can be adjusted – $10-$30
  • Pack bike for shipping – $40.00
  • New bar tape – $7.00
  • Bike build – $40.00
  • Small adjustments – $5.00
  • Replace tube – $6.00
  • Patch tube – $3.00